We act according to some principles which reflect our values:

  1. Universal access to quality services
  2. Education and proper advice 
  3. Respect for patient’s rights
  4. Interdisciplinary cooperation
  5. Proper quality in providing services and maintaining a useful family planning national network
  6. Efficiency
  7. Integrity
  8. People respect

The members of the association act in a responsible manner. The patients are in the center of our attention and we respect every man and woman as individuals, partners in a couple and community members, as we know they are influenced by the cultural, ethnical, geographical, economical and political environment.

We act with responsibility as we know the national context but also the international health care system’s characteristics and we are willing to use our knowledge in lobby developing and law proposals. We act with responsibility both for our clients/ patients and for our services providers. We define ourselves as dynamic, open minded and careful people.

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