The results of this network were:

  • The reduction of abortion rate from 3,4 in 1993 to 0,8 in 2004
  • The reduction of STD (sexual transmission disease)
  • The growth of population’s information level about family planning services, screening for early detection of breast and genital cancer, preventing sexual transmission diseases and HIV/ SIDA infection
  • The growth of the number of people using contraception methods (from 13,9% in 1993 to 38,2 in 2004)
  • The growth of people’s access to family planning and sexual health services in order to have an early detection of uterus and breast cancer

The national family planning network was founded in 1994, by order 136/1994 of Public Health Ministry.

The network has 230 medical offices in hospitals and 11 sexual health and family planning centers. The doctors who work here are specialized in family and gynecology health and also in family planning and they are helped by nurses, gynecologists and psychologists. All of them participated at training programs in order to learn how to act according to patient’s needs.

The national network of family planning and sexual health, in partnership with NGO-s and national and international governmental institutions helped with developing the National Health Program nr.3, responsible for sexual public health. Also, APFR took part in “Initiative for Family Health in Romania” project, promoting sexual health services.

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